ESU data on demand

ESU data on demand

ESU life cycle inventory database on demand

The collection of life cycle inventory (LCI) data can be time-consuming and demanding. ESU-services offers several data for life cycle assessment in electronic format in order to facilitate this work. Several customers already use this opportunity and use our data tailored to their demand.

All datasets are elaborated according to the EcoSpold v1 format that has been developed within the project ecoinvent. The EcoSpold format follows the guidelines of ISO 14048 and its XML-files can be directly implemented in many commercial LCA software products. The documentation includes a transparent description of the full life cycle inventory on a unit process basis. The data are elaborated according to the methodology and quality as followed for the ecoinvent database. The EcoSpold data can be transferred to the formats used by different software products (e.g. SimaPro, openLCA, Umberto and GaBi).

Order procedure

Cumulative data are sold for 300 CHF per system process data set in SimaPro or EcoSpold format. Unit process raw data (UPR) are sold for 300 CHF (exchange rates) each. Data are delivered after payment. For the full modelling you need ecoinvent data and normally more than one UPR.

Examples for full process trees of unit process raw data are shown below. Further information for inventory reports, prices and special discounts are available from our LCI specialists. For a detailed offer we need to know the following:

  1. What are the products you would like to have data for (see full list XLS/PDF)?
  2. In which format do you want to get the data?
  3. To which ecoinvent version (v2.2 or v3.x) should the data be linked?
  4. Do you need system processes, unit processes or only the results for a few indicators?
  5. Do you have ecoinvent data and in which programme do you use the data?

If you look for another material you can also ask us for an offer.

Data types
Features LCIA results Electronic documen-tation System process (LCI) Unit process (UPR)
LCIA indicator results yes no possible possible
Cumulative LCI results no no yes possible
Unit process raw data (UPR) no no no yes
Further electronic documentation in X-Process and X-Source no yes yes yes
Uncertainty information no no no yes
Full transparency no no no yes
Change of data for own calculations no no no possible
Excel format yes no possible possible
Excel CSV SimaPro format no no yes yes
XML EcoSpold format no yes yes yes
Html format no yes possible possible
Additional datasets (might be) necessary no no no yes

Confidentiality Agreement

The data and the report can be used for internal studies of the company who purchased it. It is not allowed to distribute it, sell it or give it freely to third parties without written permission by ESU-services Ltd. in order to protect our proprietary rights. It is also not allowed to disclose parts of the original inventory data in publications or in other form to the public.

Liability Statement

Information contained in the report and data have been compiled or arrived at ESU-services Ltd. from sources believed to be reliable. Nevertheless, ESU-services Ltd. or the authors do not accept liability for any loss or damage arising from the use thereof. Using the given information is strictly your own responsibility.

Examples of inventory data

Below are some examples from our database offer. See our Excel file for a full list of all data.


Material Pages/Unit processes Remarks
Datasets for operation of transport devices includingelementary flows necessary for LCIA of noise emissions About 50 datasets Fixed price 300 CHF for all datasets necessary to update ecoinvent v2.2 data.
World food database more than 1500 datasets Electronic documentation (1995-to date)
Biomass-to-liquid fuels, synthetic or second generation fuels including use about 50 Project report
Textiles: T-Shirts from cotton and synthetics, distribution in shops ca. 10
Jatropha seeds, kernel meal and oil 8/11 In English
Leather, shoes In German
Phase change materials (PCM): expanded graphite, natrium acetate 4/5 In English
Tap water in several countries, water supply network, water works more than 10 countries In German
Vanadium Pentoxide (V2O5) produced from power plant granulate or furnace slag 27 Abstract

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