SimaPro Competence Centre Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein

676d117db7The LCA software SimaPro® is developed by PRé Consultants in the Netherlands, with an international network of LCA specialists. It is the leading LCA software product in the world. ESU-services Ltd. has started using SimaPro with the first release of ecoinvent data in 2003. Since 2006 we are responsible for the Regional SimaPro Competence Centre of Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. Our long term experience helps us to support you while purchasing and using this LCA software.

The main features of SimaPro are:

  • SimaPro® can facilitate efficient, qualitative and longterm stability in your work with LCA. Companies who want to develop their own work with LCA, can have courses and support.
  • SimaPro® is available in differrent versions depending on the needs of the user. It is also possible to buy a temporary and/or educational licence to reduced prices.
  • SimaPro® comes with extensive databases of LCI data including the ecoinvent data and also all the common methods of LCIA. This allows for efficient and transparent LCA, with reliable data and methods.

More Informations about Research & Methodology, Features of SimaPro and life cycle thinking on the site of SimaPro: You can also download a test version.

Contact us if you want to buy SimaPro in Liechtenstein, Austria or Switzerland.

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