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How can we help you with life cycle thinking?

New to LCA?

The life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology aims to investigate environmental aspects of products and services from cradle to grave, from resource extraction to end of life treatment.

Who are we?

ESU-services Ltd. was founded in 1998. Fairness, independence and transparency are substantial characteristics of our consulting philosophy. Our clients are companies, governmental bodies, NGO’s and many others.

LCA Consulting

We conducted more than 400 projects dealing with life cycle assessments and using impact assessment methods like carbon footprint or ecological scarcity.

Software and Tools

We are the official reseller of the professional LCA software SimaPro in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein and offer technical support for our clients.

Life cycle inventory data

Well documented life cycle inventory data (LCI) are the backbone of any reliable study. We offer the data you need in different formats.

Critical Review, Verification and Validation

We review LCA, Carbon Footprint, and other studies according to the relevant international standards. We verify EPD (environmental product declaration)

Lectures and LCA Training

We offer training and lectures both for beginners and advanced learners in conducting LCA and are presenting LCA results to all types of audiences.

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